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Make Good Use Of Mineral Rock

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Waste rock is a usable resource. After the waste rock is broken and screened with water, the products on the screen will be sold as commercial mixed stones, the products under the screen will enter into the cylinder sieve for desilting treatment and then enter into the shaking table for heavy separation and recovery of precious metals, and the heavy separation tailings will enter into the filling station as underground filling materials, with considerable economic benefits.

According to the research report of the construction industry, after crushing and sieving of the mine waste rock, the coarse aggregate with the particle size of 5-25mm, and the artificial sand with the fineness modulus of about 2.8 that can be prepared to meet the requirements of grading, which can be used as the thick and fine aggregate for the preparation of C60 concrete. In general, Jaw crushers are coarse crushers and fine stone crushers machine are cone Crushers.


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